Meet our teen:  Juno

Hey! My name is Juno. I’m a13 year old  girl living on the west side, and I live in a little but friendly city. I like writing a *lot*. My favorite things to write are inspirational pieces and argumentative essays, because I’m a very argumentative person. I like to draw, act, play volleyball, and listen to music. I love helping people, so I hope I can help you all easily figure out and relate to the future generations of this world, and assist you with navigating the future!

Sincerely, Me.

Here is a topic to get us started…

I got to thinking, lots of older people don’t understand newer abbreviations of words or phrases, so I’ve provided a guide of the top 5 used phrases for modern young people along with a few things NOT to use when texting with your teen.

Here are probably the top 5 abbreviations that teens are using in texting these days:

TFW- “That Face When” – Usually when you see people using this, they put a meme or funny photo and caption it something along the lines of: “TFW your mom sees your grade in math”

teen textingIG– “I Guess”

LMK– “Let Me Know”

SMH– “Shaking My Head”

OFC– “Of Course”


Emoji List to NOT use and why (*Disclaimer* most are sexual in nature):

1. Eggplant 🍆: The eggplant emoji is used in reference to symbolize ummm…well male anatomy

2. Peach 🍑: The peach emoji is used as a butt, or to show (usually a female) is sexually interested to who they are talking to

3. Maple Leaf 🍁: This is used to symbolize weed (alternatively the “gas pump” ⛽️ emoji will be used to show the weed is ‘gas’) 

4.Smirk Emoji 😏: this is usually used by young people as a ‘flirtatious’ emoji, so its best to steer clear of sending that to anyone you aren’t interested “that way”.

5. Water Droplets 💦: this is used to show that a female is “wet” for some one or can symbolize an orgasm 

Now for the texting part of what NOT to do:

For the love of all that is holy, just spell out words: Nobody thinks its cool if someone talks like this “hey but r u doing 2day?”

Just talk like a normal person would, and your kids will think you are fine and dandy, there is no need to try and fit in with trends you can’t keep up with.

BONUS ADVICE: if you are over the age of 35 do NOT install snapchat, thats just embarrassing for all parties involved.

I hope these abbreviations, emoji’s not to use and these couple tips helped you understand teen life a little more!  Please send me any questions you’d like answered about teen-life.  You can send them to


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