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College Admission Challenges

The Local Moms Network reached out to some college admission experts to hear their opinion on the college admission scandal. The experts also provide advice on how to support your child through the college application process.

Summer Reading Guide for Kids

As a follow up to our Summer Reading Guide for Moms, we decided to put together a Summer Reading Guide for Kids, with recommendations from some of our moms across the country that make up The Local Moms Network. Check out their picks and freshen your reading routine this summer!

New Sunscreen Study

A recent study about how sunscreens are absorbed into skin (and can even be shed into breast milk) got our attention. With previous reports saying that oxybenzone, a chemical found in many sunscreens, can disrupt hormone production in boys, we knew we needed to find out more about this important topic. We went to Dr. Sara Perkins, a Yale Medicine dermatologist for some additional information.

Lauren Egger Discusses Health Foods

Lauren Egger talks about Healthy Mom Project. It a guide for parents to navigate this toxic world because living a healthy lifestyle (with health foods) shouldn’t be difficult.

Teen and Adult Acne

I’m also a woman who is finally feeling comfortable in my own skin – yes, it has taken me almost 35 years to do that! I struggled with teen and adult acne. I want to use my experience to help others over come the scars that acne can leave.

“Please Just Get in the Family Picture”

My dad died when I was only 10. I’m 43, I still miss him and it’s true that even the most vivid of memories fade with time. He was often behind the shutter, doing what adoring parents do, capturing every single moment of my life. So many photos of me. But how can we remember them and how they were?

Should You See a Naturopathic Doctor?

We have all be to a traditional doctor and heard “everything is fine”. However, we know our bodies and something isn’t right. Dr. Emily Mohar explains that is the time to see a Naturopathic Doctor for a second opinion. Click here to learn more about Naturopathic Doctors. (NOTE: Services can be paid for using your HSA!)

Kid Friendly Interior Designs

Interior designer Chris Roughan provides suggestions on creating kid friendly interior designs. Somethimes when people say “child-friendly” they don’t alway have a visual sense to envision something that’s still really great modern and trendy design. You can create beautiful and child safe spaces. Chris provides us with some of her best suggestions.

West Side Moms Easter Brunch Guide

Easter Brunch Guide West Side & Downtown Cleveland Looking for a place to have your family's Easter Brunch on the West Side of Cleveland?  Well look no further!  Cleveland West Side Moms has complied a list of local restaurants offering to make all the Easter...

My First Facial: A Novice’s Experience

I’m a forty-(something)-year old woman, and I’ve never gotten a spa facial. I had no idea that I was in the minority on that, but the look of surprise I used to get when telling someone that said otherwise! Now, thanks to Pricilla at Eve Skincare in Avon, I no longer have to endure that look!

Meet Leah, Owner of NEOhio Frugal Living

Meet Leah who is made a career of out living a frugal Lifestyle. We caught up with Leah to ask her about her connection to the West Side of Cleveland, and for some tips on how to save money.

Chiropractor Myths

Dr. Aimee Polgar talks about the “Myths of Chiropractic” treatments. As a chiropractor, it is her ultimate goal to make our community a healthier one. She wants to help people with holistic methods. Dr. Polgar currently practices at Great Lakes Health & Wellness in Westlake. She has a passion for helping people of all ages with making healthier choices. Dr. Polgar wants her patients to not only feel better, but be better.

Still Trying to Figure Out a Spring Break Trip?

If you are like most Clevelanders, you are probably looking to go somewhere warm for Spring Break. Florida is a very common location. What about visiting the Florida Keys? Click here to see what this stunning area is all about.

Take a DEEP Breath: Reducing Stress

Have you ever heard someone tell someone else when they are stressed out to “Take a Deep Breath?”  When a mother is in labor, “Breathe, Breathe, And Push!”  Or in Yoga class “BRRRREAATHE.” Well if you cant tell breathing is incredibly important for every second of our being. Our breath is what oxygenates our bodies and allows our nervous system, organs, and muscles to function properly.  That’s a pretty cool job that our breath can do, but what else can it affect?

5 Must Have Pieces for Every Mom

Kristin Koch, the executive director of Seventeen magazine and blogger behind Closetful of Clothes, shares her tips for easy fashion forward styling for the busy mom.

Paper Greats

Paper Greats products are made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable and compostable. Our plates are like eating off something as beautiful as your wedding china but you can throw them away!

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