Hi there! I’m Angela Blair. I had teen and adult acne. However, my challenges with teen and adult acne don’t define me. I’m a wife. A mom to 3 little girls. A pet mom to 2 dogs and 2 cats. I’m also a physical therapist assistant.

I’m passionate about living your best life. This includes incorporating fitness, healthy foods and healthy routines into our daily lives. But, I’m also a woman who is finally feeling comfortable in my own skin – yes, it has taken me almost 35 years to do that!

Teen Acne

As a teen and into my early twenties I suffered from horrible acne! You name it I had it. There were white heads, black heads, and cystic acne. I tried every over the counter wash and cream that was around. I spent a fortune on products that had no clinical backing to actually improve my condition.


Finally, I ended up at the dermatologist. They put me on multiple anti-biotics, creams, and other medications. Finally, there was help to clear my acne. Though I still have a few instances of acne, I am happy to say my skin seems to have finally balanced out. I am able to have clear skin with only the help of a clinically tested acne skincare regimen.

However, my teen acne left me with terrible pitting and scarring on my cheeks from the cystic acne. And, popping the acne, ugh!!! With the use of micro-needling every night, I am extremely happy to report that most of the scarring is diminished or gone. I am also left with smooth skin! For the first time since my teen years, I feel comfortable going make-up free around the house and out in public!

Acne Doesn’t Define You

Because of my struggle with acne, I am passionate about helping others who also are struggling. The most important thing is this. Acne does not define you! I struggled with low confidence for many years. However with the help of a good support system of family and friends (and some good make-up techniques), I learned to just get out there and be me. Me the person who runs track, dances in studio and on teams. I know that my talents are what made me. My face does not define me or makes me who I am.

Helping Teens with Acne

So parents, make sure to support your teen or young adult. Make sure they know acne does not define them. Plus, there are ways to help clear and prevent future acne. Here are some ways to help fight acne and keep future breakouts from forming:

● Washing your face daily with a cleanser formulated to help fight acne bacteria.
● Never pop acne!! It just spreads the bacteria.
● Be CONSISTENT with your skin treatment plan or product usage.
● Exfoliate a few times a week or as needed to slough off dead skin cells. It super important as we age!
● Meet with a dermatologist even if over the counter acne products have not worked
● Looking at the ingredients in acne products. For teen skin, look for benzoyl peroxide as a main ingredient. It reduces acne causing bacteria and help to dry out oily skin. People with sensitive skin should start out slowly as redness and irritation can occur. If this occurs, a moisture replenishing cream can be used to calm skin without clogging pores.
● More mature skin does not turn over as quickly as younger skin. It is not as resilient to harsher products. Adults struggling with acne, should look for products with sulfur and salicylic acid. This is addition to the benzoyl peroxide. The combination will effectively, yet gently combat the acne cycle.

Review Clinical Studies

In the end, do your research. Look for clinical studies to back up results. In addition, remain consistent with the products you use. Keep it simple. You want to make sure you will follow through and give products time to work.

No one should have to suffer with teen and adult acne. Now you don’t have to! If you’re interested in learning how just 2 steps, 2 minutes, 2x/day can help clear acne starting on day 1 message me at amgreszler@gmail.com and check out my site to get on the road to SPOTLESS skin.

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